Adventure Couple Photoshoot in Loch Lomond, Scotland

Filed in Adventure Sessions — January 5, 2023

Dan and Kate reached out to me to arrange an adventure session in Scotland. While this couple were not engaged, and were not celebrating any particular occasion, they were missing some professional photos together as a couple and were keen to correct this! With Dan and Kate an adventurous, outdoorsy couple, it was only right that an adventurous photoshoot was used to document them.

We discussed potential locations in the weeks leading up to the shoot, with Glencoe and Loch Lomond and the Trossachs National Parks proposed, but we settled on the short but stunning walk up Conic Hill, close to Balmaha in Loch Lomond. Part of what makes Loch Lomond so stunning is its sheer vastness and the number of islands dotted across its length. Conic Hill is the perfect location from which to soak up its beauty.

Dan and Kate began their walk in Balmaha, with the first few hundred meters consisting of thick, moody forests that provided us with opportunities for intimate shots in a dark and quiet setting. From there, we continued the steady climb, stopping at various points along the way for a portrait or two.

By the time we were above the forests and had begun our final climb to the summit, golden hour was just beginning, and combined with the moody clouds, the light was perfect for some cinematic shots in a secluded area. At the top of Conic Hill, Dan and Kate took a rest and soaked up the view in that beautiful golden light, before we made the descent back down to Balmaha. 

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